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Photo: Kathryn Marshall

Call it "relaxed-fit" Americana. It's my personal blend of the music I heard in the house or on the radio growing up in Baltimore --- rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, country, swing, folk, pop, Tin Pan Alley, showtunes, jazz, even comedy.

Mostly, I write old-fashioned, romantic love songs. Some of the songs are about other stuff. Everyday things, the silly, the sad, whatever goes into making us human. But mostly it's love: The joy of finding it, the pain of losing it, the thrill of a new flame, the contentment of a lasting romance.

"Though Pat Nason’s vocals and songs evoke a simpler time, in fact his work is timeless"  -- Jimi Yamagishi, SongNet LA

"I'm just so glad there is still someone making music like this" -- CD Baby listener review

About the songs

I hope the happy, funny ones will get you to laugh. Maybe you'll cry a little bit at the sad ones.

Mostly, I hope the songs make your day a little more beautiful. And that you'll dance with someone you love.

About Pat

Baltimore-born, based in Los Angeles, Pat has been writing and performing for decades, while raising a family and working as a professional journalist. Following his retirement as an entertainment reporter and editor for United Press International, Pat released the EP, Nearly New, in 2014 and followed it up in 2015 with his first full-length CD, All The Time In The World. Pat's new EP, Here and Now, was released in March 2020.

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