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Blue Skies
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Just Like An Old Love Song


Producer Jean-Jacques (JJ) Schoch leads a fabulous line-up of pickers helping me out on a collection of 10 original love songs. Two of the album’s tracks are co-produced by Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, Dixie Chicks, Santana, Tedeschi-Trucks), who also mixed the album at PLYRZ Studios in Valencia, California.

No release date has been set.

L-R Paul Fig, JJ Schoch, Matt Lomeo, Jim Scott, Pat Nason, Billy Watts at PLYRZ Studios, January 2023

Here and Now front cover.png

Here and Now


Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jean-Jacques (JJ) Schoch at SchochWave Studios, Los Angeles; additional engineering by Ed Tree at The Treehouse, San Gabriel, California.

David Fry (guitars); Brian Mertens (bass); Fish Olmos (mandolin); Robbie Wilson (percussion); JJ (keys, guitar, bass, cello); Ed Tree (guitars); Chad Watson (bass); David Raven (drums); and Matt Margucci (accordion, harmonica, trumpet).

Jean-Jacques (JJ) Schoch
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Blue Skies
Pat Nason & The Regular Crew All The Time In The World
All The Time In The World

Pat Nason & The Regular Crew -- Ed Pausic, Susan T Bull and Houston Cloer -- collaborated with producer Brian Alan Patterson on this collection. It's got a touch of Western Swing, a bunch of straight-up country, a taste of the Caribbean, and groovy vocal arrangements that evoke some of the best in American pop across the years.

Todd Szabo (drums); David Fry (guitars); Joe Bull (guitars); Lena Nason (vocals); Matt Margucci (harmonica, trumpet, piano); Brian Alan Patterson (pedal steel).
The Regular Crew May 2014.jpg

The Regular Crew

Ed Pausic, Houston Cloer, Susan T Bull, Pat

Pat Nason Nearly New
Nearly New

Pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, twin fiddles and ... jazz trumpet? Yep. Country, folk, lightly seasoned with jazz and blues. A little something for everyone, you might say. Produced by Brian Alan Patterson and Matt Margucci at Sonic Frontier Sound Studio, North Hollywood, California.

Joe Bull (guitar, mandolin); Ruth Elliott Hilsdon (banjo); Brian Alan Patterson (pedal steel, bass); Matt Margucci (trumpet, harmonica, bass); Kristin Blinman (fiddle); Will Bilton (piano); Susan T Bull, Natasha Wood, Lena Nason (vocals).

Brian Alan Patterson and Matt Margucci
Brian Alan Patterson and Matt Margucci
            Producers, Nearly New
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